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Koseki Cleanup?
US citizen, Married to Japanese woman, live in US, but relocating to Japan. Concern is issue with Koseki. Apparent when renewed passport. Over duration of previous passport she married, changed her name in the US, was divorced, and married me (no name change). Consular staff noticed her Japanese passport didn't have the same family name as on her her US Green Card. And neither of those are my family name. She was able to renew, but this is a problem that needs resolution, especially for relocation purposes. Given that no formal marriage or divorce notices have been provided to Japan, she may not even have her own Koseki(?). I'm wondering what's the easiest way to clean this all up? My idea is for me to take her legal US name (her last husband's name), and then we get a formal Japanese marriage which she reports, and then she takes my name, which by then will also be her legal name in the US. And then her Koseki shows one marriage, to me, and she and I will have the same name. Thoughts?
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2021-03-23 09:55
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2021-03-30 16:55
For your question, I am sorry that I cannot provide any certain answer in this paragraph, due to ...
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Masato Sasaki
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