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Dear Mr. Ryosuke Kimura - Thank you so much for your answer. Can you confirm me this answer because before we'll begin with the procedure ( which risks to be very long) of selling the land, we must be 100% sure that the Belgian law will be applied. In one of your article of September 2018, about inheritance without will, I can read the following : In each country's international law, the governing law for inheritance is determined by two systems : an unified and an non-unified system. Belgium adopted the non-unified system. In this system , the governing law depends on the type of asset involved. In the case of real estate, the law of the country in which the country is located applies ( in our case Japan) What's your opinion about this, Thanks a lot. Best regards.
Category: Inheritance
2020-11-20 04:55
Answer #1
2020-11-24 17:21
As you said, the private international law in Belgium is a non-unified system in inheritance. However, for decedents who have passed away after August 17, 2015, the private international law in Belgium adopts the EU Succession Regulation (No 650/2012), which is a unified system in inheritance. Although Japan is not an...
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Ryosuke Kimura
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