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Tax Status for Spouse Visa Holder
I have a question about my tax status in Japan. I’ve only been here 1.5 years (on a spouse visa). According to all the information I can find in English, that makes me a non-permanent resident for tax purposes, so I don’t have to report US source income I get in the US if I don’t bring it to Japan. Then after 5 years, I become a permanent resident for tax purposes & have to report worldwide income. I’m worried that the rules might be different for spouse visa holders—do you know?
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2022-03-08 11:46
Answer #1
2022-03-29 02:43
As you have considered, if you have been in Japan for more than five years in the last ten years, you must report all of your income from o...
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Ryosuke Kimura
Attorney-at-law & Tax Accountant