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An elderly Japanese man passed away without a WILL two years ago and has a house. Elderly wife inherits 50%. First child who is bedridden and cannot speak but mind still active not aware of death of father yet. Second child wants to renounce rights as residence overseas for decades. Has a WILL overseas solely for overseas assets. Possible to write a separate WILL in Japan for solely for Japanese assets in view of father’s as death as there is no interest in owning property in Japan? Tax office shows the deceased’s portion of land is 75% and neighbour’s portion is 25%, but title does not seem to reflect this. Neighbour already passed away. And one of inheritors passed away. There seem to be multiple existing inheritors to the 25% of land.
Category: Inheritance
2022-05-11 16:24
Answer #1
2022-05-15 19:12
Thank you for your question. We offer international inheritance services in Japan, including setting wills in ...
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Masato Sasaki
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